Our portfolio includes a diverse selection of projects from various categories, located in various countries, and independently verified by different standards.

How do we choose our projects?

For our projects, we rely on internationally recognized and widely audited standards to ensure the greatest possible benefits from the project. Click on the standards below to learn more about the organizations.

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How does CO2 compensation work?

Sustainable and verified projects in developing and emerging countries are compensated for avoided or reduced CO2 emissions. The compensation is made through the sale of certificates for CO2 compensation. By purchasing and retiring the verified certificates, you offset your own emissions that could not have been avoided in the past and thus make a contribution to global climate protection.

Why does CO2 offsetting make sense?

Of course, it is always best if emissions do not occur in the first place. Unfortunately, this is virtually impossible in our current society. And exactly when the saving is not yet possible, our offsets make sense. Through offsetting, projects are realized that would not exist without the sale of certificates. For example, a hydropower plant can replace an old and climate-damaging coal-fired power plant 10 years earlier than planned.

Our greatest wish is that our product will not be needed in the future.


Why don't we offer reforestation projects to compensate?

It is too late for reforestation as a means of combating climate change. We have to face the fact that the fight against climate change will be decided in the next 10 years. But trees need decades to grow and to make a real contribution to climate protection. Therefore, for the time being, we only support projects that focus on short-term emission reduction.