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Our cloud-first systems are designed for maximum stability and accessibility, while still maintaining their integrity and ensuring data protection with the latest technologies. Our API scales with each request, so we can always guarantee low query latencies.

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Use our versatile CO2 calculator to determine the emissions of the shopping cart.

Offer your customers CO2 offsets to enable CO2-neutral shipping.

Keep track of each customer's emissions and offsets and display them in their profile.

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How does CO2 compensation work?

Sustainable and verified projects in developing and emerging countries are compensated for avoided or reduced CO2 emissions. The compensation is made through the sale of certificates for CO2 compensation. By purchasing and retiring the verified certificates, you offset your own emissions that could not have been avoided in the past and thus make a contribution to global climate protection.

Individual branding

Customize public pages, like the certificate pages, with your logo and host them on your own domain. Send individually designed e-mails and compensate the calculated emissions with your customers under your brand.

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Questions about CO2 offsetting

Our offset projects are certified by global audited organizations. Visit our portfolio page to learn more about each organization.
Despite great efforts, it is still almost impossible to live completely emission-free. For all emissions that have already been caused or are unavoidable, CO2 offsetting is a sensible alternative. In this way, the emissions caused can be saved elsewhere through climate protection projects.