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Calculated CO2 emissions

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The backbone for your path to a more sustainable future

Calculate and offset CO2 emissions exactly when they occur. We offer a ready-to-use, 360-degree API-first solution to make your business more sustainable.

The platform for event-based emissions calculation and offsetting

Integrate climate protection into your daily processes with our products:


A platform that grows with you

We make calculating and compensating for you easier than ever before. So you can concentrate fully on your core business.

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Let everyone be part of the solution

We issue an individual certificate for each compensation, which can be branded. You can also host the certificates on your own domain. Optionally, you can also query all the details of the certificate via API and create your own certificate page.

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Industry-leading number of automated calculation options

  • Air travel
  • Car journey
  • Ferry
  • Hotel stay
  • Bus trip
  • Train journey
  • Fuel
  • Freight
  • Cloud Computing
  • Electricity
  • Nutrition
  • Water consumption
  • Textiles

Full transparency

Our compensation projects

Globally distributed projects

Our project portfolio spans all continents and covers a wide range of technologies and project types. This enables us to ensure that we have the right project for everyone.

Selected by hand

Our internal team of compensation experts carefully selects the projects and ensures that they meet the highest standards. In addition, all projects are certified by independent third parties.

Technology first

To ensure the greatest possible impact, we use the latest technologies to combat climate change in our projects. We enable solar parks, wind farms, biogas plants and much more.

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Create transparency

It has never been more important not to lose sight of the climate in all aspects of life. It is becoming increasingly important for end customers to consider the environmental aspect when making purchasing decisions. We offer an all-round solution for calculating, communicating and offsetting the CO2 emissions of products and services.

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