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The backbone for your path to a more sustainable future

Calculate and offset CO2 emissions exactly when they occur. We offer a ready-to-use 360-degree API-first solution to make your business more sustainable.

Integrate climate action into your daily operations with our products:

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Calculate emissions

Understand your impact on the planet with accurate emissions calculations.

KlimAPI Act

Offset emissions

Trade by reducing and offsetting your calculated emissions and keep track of your CO2 footprint.

KlimAPI Share

Show successes

Communicate your climate protection activities and encourage more people to live a climate-conscious life.

Let everyone be part of the solution

For each offset we issue an individual certificate, which can be branded. You can also host the certificates on your own domain. Optionally, you can also request all details of the certificate via API and create your own certificate page.

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Industry-leading number of automated calculation functions

  • Air travel
  • Car trip
  • Ferry
  • Hotel stay
  • Bus trip
  • Train trip
  • Fuel
  • Freight
  • cloud computing
  • Electricity
  • Food
  • Water consumption
  • Textiles

Worldwide compensation projects

Our broad portfolio features projects from around the world.

We hand-select our carbon offset projects to ensure the highest possible impact.

Upgrade your offset by planting a tree (or a thousand) for your carbon credits. Coming soon

Specify a region or continent and automatically buy projects near you (or your customers). Coming soon

Learn more about our portfolio
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Create transparency

It has never been more important not to lose sight of the climate in all of life's concerns. It is becoming increasingly important for end users to also consider the environmental aspect when making purchasing decisions. We offer an all-round solution for calculating, communicating and offsetting the CO2 emissions of products and services.

Ready to start? Contact us or create an account directly.

Create an account and start directly with the calculation and compensation of CO2 emissions via our API. You still have questions or need an individual offer? Use the chat or make an appointment with our sales team.