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How does the emissions calculation of my flight work?

We calculate emissions using so-called emission factors. These usually come from authorities in various countries or NGOs. All emission factors are carefully checked by us and compared with other sources to ensure their plausibility. Based on your information, we categorize your calculation as a short, medium or long-haul flight and find the appropriate emission factor. We then combine this with your additional information to calculate the emissions of your flight as accurately as possible.

Questions & Answers on CO2 compensation

Emissions from air travel have a significant impact on our planet. Although awareness of environmentally friendly travel has increased significantly in recent years, the emissions caused by air travel continue to rise. Over 3% of global CO2 emissions come from airplanes and just a few flights can massively increase the CO2 footprint.
Of course, it is always best if emissions are not produced in the first place. Unfortunately, this is virtually impossible in our current society. And it is precisely when savings are not yet possible that our CO2 offsetting makes sense. Through offsetting, projects are realized that would not exist without the sale of certificates. For example, a hydropower plant can replace an old and climate-damaging coal-fired power plant 10 years earlier than planned.
We only work with reputable and reliable partners who carefully plan and implement their carbon offset projects. To ensure that the climate protection project you have selected is actually implemented, we regularly check the progress of the projects and make sure that the investments actually flow into the project. You will find more information about the relevant project on your certificate.

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