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About KlimAPI

KlimAPI offers you a comprehensive solution for calculating and offsetting CO2 emissions. Our platform enables you and your company to accurately calculate emissions and effectively offset them through targeted carbon offset projects. By using our API, you can not only make a valuable contribution to environmental protection, but also highlight your company values and promote awareness of sustainable practices.

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At KlimAPI, we understand that not everyone is a developer. That's why we offer both code and no-code options for integrating our services. Our Wizard will guide you through the different ways you can seamlessly integrate KlimAPI into your systems. Whether you want to use direct code or prefer a simpler no-code solution, we have the right tools ready. Launch the wizard to find your ideal implementation method.

Integrations & Extensions

Explore our Plugins & SDKs designed to optimize your experience with KlimAPI. From simple widgets that can be embedded into your website to comprehensive API integrations that allow for deep technical customization, we offer a wide range of options to meet your specific needs.

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