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Whether you are making travel offers, managing a fleet of vehicles or creating a financial app: With KlimAPI it is possible to determine the CO2 emissions of your users and support them in making more environmentally conscious decisions.

Expandable with your own factors

You can extend the API with your own factors. For example, you can calculate the emissions of a product based on your own data. You can then optionally combine these with our factors and they will also be displayed on certificates.

Simple operation

Our API is so easy to use that you can integrate it into your system in just a few minutes. You can use the API with any programming language that supports HTTP requests.

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Air travel

2 persons


1,400 kWh




via emissions

5,212 kg CO2e

via amount


via calculation

2 flights

Quilleco hydropower plant

5,212 kg CO2e ÔÇó ÔéČ11.64

Fiji Nadarivatu hydropower plant

5,212 kg CO2e ÔÇó ÔéČ11.64

Gangwon Wind Park

5,212 kg CO2e ÔÇó ÔéČ11.64

Request compensation

Seamless integration of the calculation

Use your calculation results directly to display suitable offsetting offers.

Individual project selection

Configure which project categories and certifications you want to support. We will then only show you the projects that are suitable for you. You can display offers for up to 3 projects at the same time. Detailed information on the project, certification and offsetting is included in each case.

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Sidrap Wind Farm

Biodiversity project Yarra Yarra

Betulia hydropower plant


Emissions compensated

1,654,212 kg CO2e

Certificates issued

59,743 Certificates



const { KlimApi } = require('@klimapi/klimapi-node');

const klimapi = new KlimApi('your-private-api-key');

    orderId: "CA-0000-00000000",
}).then((data) => {
}).catch((error) => console.error(error));

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Our cloud-first systems are designed for maximum stability and accessibility, while maintaining their integrity and ensuring data protection with the latest technologies. Our API scales with every request, so we can always guarantee low latency for queries.

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