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We calculate emissions using so-called emission factors. These usually come from authorities of different countries or NGOs. All emission factors are carefully checked and compared with other sources to ensure their plausibility. Visit our API documentation to learn more about the sources of individual "CALCULATION OPTIONS".

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Air travel

2 people


1,400 kWh




via emissions

5,212 kg CO2e

via amount


via calculation

2 flights

Quilleco Hydroelectric Power Plant

5,212 kg CO2e ‱ €11.64

Fiji Nadarivatu Hydropower Plant

5,212 kg CO2e ‱ €11.64

Gangwon Wind Park

5,212 kg CO2e ‱ €11.64

Request compensation

Sustainable and verified projects in developing and emerging countries are compensated for avoided or reduced CO2 emissions. The compensation is made through the sale of certificates for CO2 offsetting. By buying and retiring the verified certificates, you offset your own emissions that could not be avoided in the past and thus contribute to global climate protection.

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Sidrap Wind Energy Park

Biodiversity Project Yarra Yarra

Betulia Hydropower Plant


Emissions offset

1,654,212 kg CO2e

Certificates issued

59,743 Certificates



$client = new Client([
   'base_uri' => '',

$response = $client->get(
   'order/' + $order_id,
      "X-LOCALE" => "EN", 
      "X-API-KEY" => "secret"

$body = $response->getBody();

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