Plugins & SDKs

Use our no-code options to be able to use our API without writing a single line of code. Our extensions help you to round off and secure the integration. With our e-commerce plugins, you can connect your store in minutes and calculate and offset with KlimAPI.


An SDK (Software Development Kit) is a collection of tools and libraries that make it easier for developers to integrate a specific API into their applications. It provides everything you need to work quickly and effectively with the API. Use our SDKs to quickly and easily integrate KlimAPI into your existing infrastructure.


With the help of our no-code options, you can create links which you can then pass on to your customers, employees and other partners.

By the way: All integrations are also available as API endpoints. So if you need a little more flexibility, that's no problem.


Our fee-based extensions allow you to integrate our interfaces even better into your systems. With Single Sign-on you can secure our links to the outside world and only make them available to certain user groups. Our Domains extension allows you to host certificates and project information directly on your domain without a single line of code.

E-commerce plugins

With our e-commerce plugins, you can integrate KlimAPI into your online store without a single line of code. We still offer you many options for customization. KlimAPI automatically calculates the footprint of the products in the shopping cart and offers direct projects for offsetting.

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