Enable your customers to buy and ship your products in a CO2 neutral way.

Product packaging is a major contributor to CO2 emissions from plastic production, polluting ecosystems and creating a lot of waste. 3 billion trees are cut down each year to produce 241 million tons of shipping boxes. Of the 86 million tons of plastic packaging produced globally each year, less than 14% is recycled.

More than 73% of customers between 18 and 39 years old pay attention to environmental protection when shopping

Start selling CO2 neutral

Why KlimAPI?

We offer all the features you need to start selling carbon neutral. Below we show you how you can sell climate neutral with KlimAPI within a short time:

Calculate emissions

Automatically preview calculated emissions while shopping

For many products and shipping methods, we can already provide an estimate of the CO2 emissions during the purchasing process. With our calculation tools, you can continuously update the calculation. When customers check out, you can offer them the option to offset their purchase without additional effort.

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Compensate emissions

Collect the payment or outsource the payment process to us

Many store systems are self-contained and integration would take too long. Just use our payment links and let us handle the payment process and certificate issuance.

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Share successes

Give your customers insight into your climate protection measures

Your customers want to know where their money goes. Show them with our help detailed information about the supported project. Send them your individual certificate and show the cross-order impact in the customer account.

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Resources to get started:

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Create an account and start directly with the calculation and compensation of CO2 emissions via our API. You still have questions or need an individual offer? Use the chat or make an appointment with our sales team.