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How are the emissions of my vacation calculated?

You simply enter your travel data, such as the type of transportation, distance and other factors, and the calculator calculates the CO2 emissions of your vacation based on emission factors for the different means of transportation and accommodation. These factors are specific amounts of CO2 emitted per unit of a particular energy source. The calculator adds up the emissions of all means of transportation and activities you use during your vacation to determine the total emissions of your vacation. You can then view the results and decide whether you want to offset the emissions from your vacation.

Questions & Answers on CO2 compensation

Your vacation can have an impact on the climate and the environment depending on the means of transportation and activities you use during your vacation. Means of transportation such as airplanes, cars and ships usually emit greenhouse gases, especially CO2, while they are in operation. These emissions can contribute to exacerbating climate change by warming the atmosphere and upsetting the greenhouse gas balance. Your vacation can also have an impact on the local environment, for example through the consumption of resources such as water and electricity or through the emission of pollutants. However, there are also ways to reduce the impact of your vacation on the climate and the environment, for example by using renewable energy or by protecting sensitive ecosystems.
Of course, it is always best if emissions are not produced in the first place. Unfortunately, this is virtually impossible in our current society. And it is precisely when savings are not yet possible that our CO2 offsetting makes sense. Through offsetting, projects are realized that would not exist without the sale of certificates. For example, a hydropower plant can replace an old and climate-damaging coal-fired power plant 10 years earlier than planned.
We only work with reputable and reliable partners who carefully plan and implement their carbon offset projects. To ensure that the climate protection project you have selected is actually implemented, we regularly check the progress of the projects and make sure that the investments actually flow into the project. You will find more information about the relevant project on your certificate.

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