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Five good reasons why you should support CO2 compensation projects


Carbon offsetting projects can help to promote and protect biodiversity. For example, reforestation or forest protection projects can help to protect the habitat of endangered species and conserve biodiversity.


Carbon offsetting projects can also help to promote economic development in rural communities. By creating jobs and supporting local businesses, such projects can help improve quality of life and reduce poverty.


Finally, supporting carbon offsetting projects can help to reduce your carbon footprint and thus minimize your contribution to climate change. Especially for people and companies that have particularly high CO2 emissions due to their activities or lifestyle, supporting CO2 offsetting projects can be a good way to make their contribution to climate protection.


Carbon offsetting projects can help to improve the quality of life of people in the communities where they are implemented. This can be achieved by creating jobs, improving air and water quality and promoting education and health.


CO2 is a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. Carbon offsetting projects help to reduce or offset CO2 emissions, which can help to mitigate climate change.

Questions & Answers on CO2 compensation

Of course, it is always best if emissions are not produced in the first place. Unfortunately, this is virtually impossible in our current society. And it is precisely when savings are not yet possible that our CO2 offsetting makes sense. Through offsetting, projects are realized that would not exist without the sale of certificates. For example, a hydropower plant can replace an old and climate-damaging coal-fired power plant 10 years earlier than planned.
We only work with reputable and reliable partners who carefully plan and implement their carbon offset projects. To ensure that the climate protection project you have selected is actually implemented, we regularly check the progress of the projects and make sure that the investments actually flow into the project. You will find more information about the relevant project on your certificate.

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