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Question 1: How would you like to use KlimAPI?

Decision support

Code or No-Code?

Our code solutions require programming skills but offer a high level of flexibility and customization. In contrast, our no-code solutions allow non-programmers to create applications, but are less customizable and flexible.

Checkout links vs. monthly billing

To offset emissions, we offer 2 payment options. Either you offset directly via a request to our API and we bill you for the offsets collectively once a month. Or you can use our Checkout Links, which we generate via the API for each requested compensation. To make and pay the compensation, the payment process must be completed via our checkout link. Find out more about billing under Find your billing model.

Offset directly or receive offers

If you need information about the project before purchasing the offset, select Receive offers. This allows you to choose from up to 3 compensation offers without having to purchase them. If you do not need any information about the offset project before purchasing, you can offset directly. Find out more at Offset Emissions.

No credit card required - Create an account now

Create an account and start calculating and offsetting the CO2 emissions directly via our API. Do you still have questions or need a customized offer? Use the chat or make an appointment directly with our sales team.