Fresh updates for the fall: new features in September

ÔÇó KlimAPI Team

This September we are presenting exciting new features: improved calculations for mobility, faster data transfer thanks to optimized webhooks, customizable e-mail templates for certificates and user-friendly updates in our portal.


Fall is here and we're bringing a breath of fresh air to our services with exciting new features that will make September unforgettable. We're always focused on innovation and usability, and this time we have some exciting features and improvements that we're proud to present.

Intelligent mobility calculation

Mobility is constantly evolving, and so are our calculation methods. In an effort to provide a more comprehensive and accurate analysis, we have updated our calculation methods. They now include the use of public transport, which for many of our users is an essential part of their journey. We don't just look at individual modes of transportation, but also look at the overall average to provide a holistic picture.

Walking also counts

Because every journey is different, we have also added an option for walking distances. Although there is no calculation here, we show it on our certificates for the sake of completeness. In this way, every route is recognized, no matter how it is covered.

Webhook enhancements

In the technical area, we have revised our Webhooks. They now also support requests for more than one order, which is a significant enhancement. And as if that wasn't enough, we have significantly improved the speed of the webhooks. For you, this means: less waiting time, more efficiency.

Revolution in the email system

We have completely overhauled our email system to adapt it to the individual needs of our users. Every campaign deserves its own flavor, and now you can do just that. You can now create individual certificate confirmation emails for each campaign, define your own sender and decide whether the tone of the email should be formal or informal.

Flexibility with templates

We have introduced four new templates for the certificate emails:

  • Standard: The familiar, classic email.

  • Visitors: Ideal when it comes to compensating for travel and visits.

  • Gift: Perfect for compensation gifts.

  • Order: If the compensation relates to an order.

And if that's not enough, you can simply write us a message to use a completely customized template.

Small steps, big impact

We know that it's the little things that make the difference. That's why we have also created the option of storing the invoice payment type directly in the portal. No more tedious back and forth, everything in one place. We have also added FAQs and instructions to several dashboard pages so that you always have the support you need - simple and straightforward.

Each of these updates has been developed with the intention of refining our offering and enriching your experience. We are excited to share these innovations with you and look forward to the paths we will create together. This isn't just about words, it's about action - and we're proud to walk with you every step of the way. Welcome to the new chapter of our journey!

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