Global reach, local currency: our innovations in October

ÔÇó KlimAPI Team

In October, we improved our services with new features, global currency support, simplified onboarding and a unified design to provide our customers with a seamless experience.


October is all about growth and user-friendliness. We are setting new standards in our industry with a range of fresh features aimed at expanding our service offering and simplifying the use of our products.

Offset in over 100 currencies worldwide

In the global economy, flexibility is a must. That's why we're proud to announce that we now support over 100 currencies. This means our customers can now make both compensations and invoices in their preferred currency. Whether in euros, dollars or pesos, we've thought of them all to provide the best possible experience for our users worldwide.

An easy start with our step-by-step onboarding process

Our new onboarding process makes it easier than ever to use our products. With clear step-by-step instructions, we guide our users through the process so they can get started quickly and easily. We know that time is valuable, so we have optimized our onboarding process to help our users get started quickly and efficiently.

An API page that creates understanding

Our new API page is up and running, explaining in detail and clearly how the compensation process works. We've broken down complex topics to ensure that everyone, from developers to newbies, can understand the process. Knowledge is power, and we want our users to be able to go full speed ahead.

Klimahelden Font: Consistency in design

Our signature font, which already adorns our logo and headlines, is now standard on all our pages. We are committed to a consistent design that reduces distractions and strengthens our brand identity. It is important to us that our users feel immediately at home on every page.

Small but mighty: further improvements

It's often the little things that count. For example, we noticed that some adblockers were blocking our support chat - no more! We have implemented a message that informs users about this and offers simple solutions.

And if something goes wrong, it's important to know why. Our API now provides much more detailed error messages to solve any problems faster and more effectively.

Each of these innovations helps to improve our service and provide our users with a smoother, more enjoyable experience. Welcome to an October full of innovation!

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