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KOOS Hotel offers climate-neutral hotel rooms via KlimAPI

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The collaboration between KOOS Hotel and Klimahelden through the use of KlimAPI is an inspiring initiative that combines sustainability and user-friendliness to enable guests of the City Aparthotel M├╝nchen to play an active role in CO2 compensation and promote the UN climate goals.

KOOS Hotel
  • KlimAPI becomes a provider for calculating emissions and offsetting overnight stays

  • The offer of CO2 compensation for hotel guests is part of the sustainability strategy of KOOS Hotel GmbH

  • Payment is processed via Checkout Links

The sustainable transformation of the hospitality industry is no easy feat, but KOOS Hotel GmbH, which operates the City Aparthotel Munich among others, has teamed up with Klimahelden to achieve just that. By working with Klimahelden and using the KlimAPI, KOOS Hotel has taken a decisive step towards a more sustainable operation and now offers its guests the opportunity to offset their CO2 emissions efficiently.

The partnership is a prime example of the community focus and continuous improvement that drives KOOS Hotel and Klimahelden. By combining technology and sustainability, both companies are proving to be pioneers in the industry.

The advantages of KlimAPI

KlimAPI is a key component of the company's sustainability strategy. It is designed to support companies on their path to sustainability. Through plugins, interfaces and the API, emissions can be calculated and offset in real time. This user-friendly tool enables guests of the City Aparthotel M├╝nchen to make their stay climate-neutral.

Working together for the environment

The collaboration between KOOS Hotel and Klimahelden shows how companies can work together to bring about positive change. The involvement of Klimahelden's climate manager also promotes a comprehensive understanding of sustainable practices and puts the community at the heart of the brand journey.

An enthusiastic journey to sustainability

The enthusiasm and shared desire for change are clearly evident. The interdisciplinary team at Klimahelden in Munich and the commitment of KOOS Hotel show that significant progress can be made in the area of sustainability through collaboration and innovation.

The partnership between KOOS Hotel and Klimahelden is an encouraging example of how companies can work together on innovative solutions to make not only their operations but the entire industry more sustainable. By using KlimAPI, they have created a user-friendly platform that actively engages guests in the sustainability journey and promotes the UN climate goals.

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