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Access a full calculation and offset platform with simple, usage-based pricing:

30% + Fees

added to the compensation costs

Customized solutions

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What is included for free?

Comprehensive API

OpenAPI spec documented

Custom webhooks

21 different languages

12 different currencies

Custom certificates

Dynamic branding

Show calculation results

Custom & customizable recipients

Payment Links

5 different languages

12 different currencies

Hosted site and payments

Dynamic payment methods

Dashboard & Analytics

Real time overview

Monitor all payments

List and debug API requests

Add users with different roles

Zapier integration

Connect to over 5,000 apps

No code required

2 triggers via webhooks

6 Actions

Security and compliance

State-of-the-art data encryption

Data centers in Europe

GDPR Compliant


CO2 Calculator Pages

Our CO2 calculator pages allow you to perform calculations without the direct help of our API. They are super easy to configure and use, with no programming experience required.

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Free of charge

Prices for calculations and compensations apply

Widgets & Badges

Don't have time for graphically rich integration with your systems? Customize and use our badges and interactive widgets for quick integration into your user interface.

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per 10,000 requests

Preconfigured payment links

Preconfigured payment links work like payment links, but can be used multiple times. Use them to make an offer to as many people as you want.

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Free of charge

Compensation prices apply

Single Sign-On

Secure other extensions with your own authentication. We currently offer oAuth2 with a variety of configuration options.

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per month
First month free


Planting trees is great, but not a meaningful compensation measure. With this extension you can support the forests additionally.

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per tree

Analytics +

Get meaningful analytics on how your users interact with our calculations and compensation offers.

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per month
First month free

Custom Domains

With our domains extension you can easily provide our public project and certificate pages on your own domain.

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First month free