With our domain extension you can use your own domain to issue the certificates. You can activate the extension in your dashboard and configure your domain.

Activate the extension

On the domains page in the dashboard, you can activate the extension with 2 clicks. You can deactivate the extension at any time.

If you deactivate the extension, your certificates will no longer be automatically issued with your domain and can also no longer be viewed through your domain. You can always retrieve your certificates via

Add a new domain

Note: Your domain must be either a direct main domain (e.g., or a subdomain (e.g., Paths like are not possible.

Click "Add New Domain" on the domains page. A dialog will open where you can enter your domain and specify an associated campaign. You can configure as many domains as you like.

Update your DNS records

After adding your domain, you will receive instructions on how to configure your DNS records. To verify your domain, you must add a DNS record. This is necessary so that we can connect your domain with your KlimAPI account.

First, log in to your domain provider and open the DNS settings for your domain. If you are using a subdomain, create a new CNAME record with the hostname you specified in the dashboard and the value displayed in the dashboard. If you are using a main domain, create an A record with the hostname you specified in the dashboard and the value displayed in the dashboard.

Optional: Test your new domain

After adding your domain, it will be available within 24 hours. You can then see it in your dashboard, and your certificates will automatically be issued with your domain.

To check the domain, simply open a new browser window and enter your domain. If everything has already been successful, test your domain with the certificate ID CA-0000-00000000.

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