August update: WooCommerce and performance in focus

‱ KlimAPI Team

In August, we're bringing innovative updates to boost your efficiency with our precise flight compensation calculation by flight number, customizable email options, accelerated dashboard and a custom WooCommerce plugin.


With the August winds blowing, fresh updates are coming to our system that not only improve the accuracy of our calculations, but also take the user experience to a new level. We have been working hard to tailor our services even better to your needs and are happy to inform you about the latest developments.

New ways of calculating flight emissions

The calculation of flight missions has received a major update. Instead of relying solely on departure and destination airports or flight distance, we now have the option to perform calculations using actual flight numbers.

What does this mean in concrete terms? - With the new method, we can now take into account the specific aircraft and seat configurations of each airline. This allows us to calculate the individual CO2 emissions of the flights more accurately. Intermediate stops, whether technical or refueling stops, are also included in our calculations. This level of detail ensures even more precise offsetting - an important step for anyone who wants to travel in an environmentally conscious way.

Discretion and personalization in emails

Email communication is often the most direct way to contact your customers. That's why we have now introduced additional options:

Protect confidential information

You can now decide whether the exact amount of compensation should be displayed in confirmation emails or not. Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to sensitive data.

Campaign-specific sender

Personalization continues: You can now define a separate sender for each campaign. This provides an even more personal touch and increases recognition.

Quicker dashboard, clearer insights

Speed optimization

We know that time is precious. That's why we have significantly improved the loading times of the tables to enable you to work quickly and efficiently.

New map for transparency

Visualization is the be-all and end-all. With our new map, you can now see at a glance which offsetting projects are being supported. Clear, informative and exciting.

WooCommerce plugin: redesigned for efficiency

WooCommerce stores are now just a few clicks away from integrating CO2 compensation. Our renewed WooCommerce plugin, developed from scratch and specifically for WooCommerce, uses our new store system that we launched in April.

WooCommerce-specific setup

We have adapted the setup to the needs of WooCommerce so that you can dive seamlessly and without detours into the world of CO2 compensation.

For developers: Improved logging

Reworked logs page

A major overhaul of our logs page makes life easier for developers working with our KlimAPI. With improved filter options and more information displayed directly in the log entry, you can access relevant data faster.

Extended information

For each order ID, you now receive direct information about the source of the request, the order IDs concerned and the associated campaign of the API key. Transparency and efficiency are the goal here.

With these updates, we hope to make your work not only more enjoyable and efficient, but also more environmentally conscious. We're on the road to a greener future, and every step counts - your feedback is what drives us to keep improving. Here's to a greener August!

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