How to sell climate-neutral on WooCommerce with KlimAPI

ÔÇó KlimAPI Team

With the WooCommerce plugin from KlimAPI, you can make your online store climate-neutral in no time at all. Without writing a single line of code, the plugin allows your customers to offset the CO2 emissions of their purchases. Download the plugin, configure your store and customize the settings according to your wishes. Offer your customers a transparent, environmentally friendly shopping experience and actively contribute to climate protection.


In today's world, it is important to act in an environmentally conscious manner. This is especially true for online retailers. With the WooCommerce plugin from KlimAPI, you can make your online store climate-neutral. The plugin serves as a wrapper for the KlimAPI systems, which simplifies integration into any WooCommerce installation without having to write a single line of code.

Advantages of the KlimAPI plug-in

With the KlimAPI plugin, your customers can add the carbon offset of their purchase directly to their shopping cart. If the products change, the offset is automatically recalculated and updated. After the purchase, your customers receive a certificate by e-mail and optionally a small banner on the order confirmation page showing how much CO2 was offset by the purchase and in which project it was invested.

In addition, the plugin offers a simple and straightforward way to customize how it works in the WordPress settings. This allows you to calculate the CO2 compensation based on the shopping cart and display the CO2 emissions as well as suggestions for compensation directly in the shopping cart or in the checkout process.

Installation of the plug-in

Installing the plugin is very simple:

  • Download & install: Download the plugin from the WooCommerce Docs page and log in to your WooCommerce account. Go to the Plugins section and click on "Install". Then click on "Upload plugin" and select the previously downloaded ZIP file. After uploading, click on "Install now" and then on "Activate plugin".

  • Configure store: Create a new campaign and configure your store. Enter the URL of your store and follow the instructions on the page to connect your store to KlimAPI.

  • Customize your store: Place the shortcode [klimapi_widget] in the shopping cart or in the checkout process of your store. The CO2 emissions of the shopping cart are displayed there and suggestions for offsetting are made. You can also use the CSS classes that start with klimapi-* to customize the widget.

Use of the KlimAPI plug-in free of charge

One advantage of the KlimAPI plugin is that it is completely free to use. There are no monthly fees or hidden costs for installation or ongoing use. You or your customers only pay for the offsets that are actually made. This gives you complete control over costs while providing your customers with a valuable service that promotes awareness and responsibility for the environment - without any additional financial burden on your business.


The WooCommerce plugin from KlimAPI offers a simple solution for online retailers who want to do their bit for the environment. With just a few clicks, both you and your customers can actively contribute to climate protection and create a transparent, environmentally friendly shopping experience.

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