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KlimAPI enables climate-neutral vacations at GALERIA Reisen

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Exploring the world is an enriching experience, but often comes with a high carbon footprint. Klimahelden, in partnership with GALERIA Reisen, has launched an initiative that promotes more sustainable travel and enables travelers to offset their carbon footprint.

Galeria Reisen
  • KlimAPI becomes provider for emissions calculation and offsetting

  • GALERIA Reisen offers the calculation & compensation both online and in the travel agency

  • Payment is processed via our Checkout Links

The desire to travel is a deeply rooted need for many people. It allows us to look beyond our own backyard and experience the beauty of our planet. But this freedom comes with a responsibility - the responsibility to protect the environment. GALERIA Reisen, a haven for explorers and adventurers, has recognized this and joined forces with climate heroes to launch a carbon offsetting initiative.

Sustainability as a goal

Munich-based Klimahelden GmbH is a committed partner in the fight against climate change and supports companies in making their own business and products more sustainable. The partnership with GALERIA Reisen is now a concrete step towards promoting more sustainable travel options. The collaboration enables travelers to offset their carbon footprint and thus make an active contribution to climate protection.

How CO2 compensation works

The CO2 compensation process is available both online and at the travel agency and can be completed in just a few steps:

  • Choose a dream vacation

  • Selection of CO2 compensation when booking.

  • Payment of the compensation via Klimahelden.

  • Receive a certificate with information on CO2 offsetting and the climate protection project supported.

  • Start your trip with a clear conscience.

The climate protection projects we support

The offset amounts flow into certified, international climate protection projects that are audited according to strict standards. These include solar energy, wind and hydropower projects that help to reduce global CO2 emissions.

A step towards more sustainable travel

The carbon offset initiative is an expression of GALERIA Reisen and Klimahelden's commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of travel and raising awareness for more sustainable travel. It is an encouraging step towards a greener and more sustainable travel industry, showing that individual and corporate responsibility can go hand in hand to bring about positive change.

Together for a greener future

The partnership between Klimahelden and GALERIA Reisen is a shining example of how companies can work together to promote sustainable solutions. By introducing carbon offsetting, travelers now have the opportunity to do their bit for climate protection while exploring the world. This initiative is an important step towards a more sustainable and conscious travel industry and shows that together we can make a positive change.

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