Single sign-on

Use the single sign-on extension to secure other extensions like Action Links or Calculator Links.

Currently, we offer OAuth 2. OAuth 2 is an industry standard in the single sign-on space. Our implementation is very flexible in this and accepts a wide variety of configurations.


1. activate the extension

In the extension overview you can activate the extension with 2 clicks.

2. add a new connection

Now configure the OAuth 2 connection. Use the example in the picture for orientation. Depending on the OAuth 2 integration on your side, different parameters may be necessary.

3. scope configuration optional

Secure the connection by defining a separate scope for accessing our pages, for example allow:calculations. You can also fill the field generically, for example with email, to grant access to all your users. Add multiple scopes by separating the scopes with a space. Important: Please enable RBAC in your OAuth configuration to check the permissions for scopes directly at login.

4. allow our domain optional

Add the domain https://klimapi.com to the Allowed Web Origins. Add the domain https://klimapi.com/link/authenticate to the Allowed Callback URLs.

5. enable offline access optional

Enable Offline Access in your OAuth integration so that no re-login is required should the access token expire. Depending on the tool, this may require different steps, such as adding the offline_access scope.

6. use the single sign-on

When configuring other extensions, you can now select your just created connection in the authentication dropdown. Use the other extensions to test the connection.

SSO Configurator

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