KlimAPI Version 2

ÔÇó KlimAPI Team

Our biggest update so far: Our API in v2, new help articles and a completely redesigned dashboard.


API Version 2

Completely overhauled emissions calculation

In the new version of the API, we have completely revised the emissions calculation. It is now not only faster and more accurate, but also easier for us to maintain. This means we can add and provide the latest emission factors even faster and more up-to-date.

New filters for orders and metrics

We have added detailed filters that allow you to query specific orders and metrics according to your wishes. For example, you can display individually for each customer how much they have already charged or compensated.

By the way: All orders are available in both API version 1 and version 2. So use version 2 to re-filter all your previous orders.

Reworked webhooks

Our webhooks are now even faster and can be added and removed directly via the API. Simply use /v2/webhooks/add to create a new endpoint and /v2/webhooks/remove to remove it again.


Our new SDKs PHP Library and Node.js Library make it even easier and more convenient to implement the API. These SDKs are still new and we welcome any feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Dashboard Version 2

Reworked structure


Our new and tidy structure makes it even easier for you to find the right settings and features.

Simplified onboarding


We have added to-do lists, tutorials and other help to make it as easy as possible for new users to get started.

Resources Version 2

New guides & tutorials

We have added over 40 new articles to explain functions, explain different types of integration and introduce products. These should help to make it even easier to get started with KlimAPI.

Why not try our new Wizard to quickly and easily find the right guide for you.

Simple search for emission factors

Our new emissions database allows you to find the right emission factor quickly and easily. Each category contains detailed instructions on how to make the best use of it.

No credit card required - Create an account now

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