Configure your store, optionally synchronize products and use specific API endpoints to receive offers for shopping cart compensation and confirm them according to customer choice.

Would you like to connect your store yourself or develop your own integration? No problem: you can also use all the API endpoints that our integrations use yourself.

Configure store

Click on E-Commerce on the dashboard in the sidebar or click here. You can now configure your store here. First select the campaign you want to use and then enter the URL of your store.

Synchronize products (optional)

Now you can use the API endpoint /stores/{store_ident}/sync to synchronize your products. This allows you to make individual configurations per product.

Request offers for shopping cart

Use the API endpoint /stores/{store_ident}/cart to transfer the products in your shopping cart to KlimAPI. We will then return up to 3 offers for offsetting, which you can offer to your customers or add directly to the shopping cart.

Confirm offsetting

If the customer has now decided to offset, you can use the endpoint /stores/{store_ident}/cart/{order_id}/process to confirm the offset.

No credit card required - Create an account now

Create an account and start calculating and offsetting the CO2 emissions directly via our API. Do you still have questions or need a customized offer? Use the chat or make an appointment directly with our sales team.