WooCommerce Plugin

Our WooCommerce plugin serves as a wrapper to our systems, so it's easy to use right out of the box with any WooCommerce installation without writing a line of code. Easily customize how the plugin works in your WordPress settings.

Customer can add or remove the compensation from the shopping cart
Automatically update the compensation when it changes
Certificate is sent by mail and optionally displayed on the order confirmation page
Calculate the compensation based on the shopping cart
Attention! Currently our plugin is in beta. The functionality of the store might be affected by bugs.


  1. Go to your plugins in Wordpress and click "Add New" and then "Upload Plugin".
  2. Upload the ZIP you just downloaded & activate the plugin
  3. Open the new menu item KlimAPI in your sidebar and follow the steps described there


Customize the design
More widgets
Calculation based on the products in the store
WooCommerce Plugin Basket Preview

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