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Create an account, invite your team, and start by creating a customizable campaign to work efficiently with KlimAPI.


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Please note: Only one member of your team needs to create an account initially. All other members can then be quickly and easily added to the account, facilitating seamless collaboration.


Your First Campaign

Start by choosing a name for your first campaign. Campaigns are fundamental for integrating your systems with KlimAPI. You can create multiple campaigns to advance several projects simultaneously with different custom settings.

For each campaign, you can upload your own logos, customize texts and emails, configure your own domains, and much more. Learn more about Campaigns.

Invite Your Team

Now, you can invite as many team members as you like to your account. You have the option to configure different roles. Admins have full control, developers only have access to developer resources, supporters can manage, resend, and cancel issued certificates, and accounting can access all billing-related matters. Learn more about how to Invite the Team.

First Steps

To support you optimally after your initial onboarding, we have prepared a checklist for you on the dashboard. This checklist will appear automatically. Also, use our Wizard to quickly and easily find the right guide.

No credit card required - Create an account now

Create an account and start calculating and offsetting the CO2 emissions directly via our API. Do you still have questions or need a customized offer? Use the chat or make an appointment directly with our sales team.