Verify your company

Start the verification of your account by providing company details and contact information of an authorized representative, as well as selecting a payment method, to activate the account within 24 hours.

To use your account in production mode, you need to verify it, which is unfortunately necessary for tax reasons.

The process will take no more than 5 minutes, and we will activate your account within 24 hours.

Start Verification

Click on Activate Account in the navigation bar on the dashboard.

Company Details

First, we need some details about your company. Please enter them as they should appear on the invoice. Don't worry, you can adjust these details later.

If you have a VAT ID, feel free to provide it to participate in the reverse-charge mechanism, if available, though this field is optional.

Contact Information

To verify the company, we need the name and contact details of an authorized representative of the company. This information will not be used indiscriminately; however, depending on the country, it is a legal requirement.

An authorized representative is someone legally empowered to act on behalf of the company and make legally binding decisions.

Payment Method

To validate the company data and, depending on the model, to debit invoices, we need a payment method. You can choose between credit card and SEPA direct debit.

Need help with this step? Just send us a message through the chat, and we will get in touch with you.

No credit card required - Create an account now

Create an account and start calculating and offsetting the CO2 emissions directly via our API. Do you still have questions or need a customized offer? Use the chat or make an appointment directly with our sales team.