Invite the Team

Add new members to your account for free by entering their first name, last name and e-mail address and assign roles to them.

Invite a new member

To add a new member to your team, first navigate to the settings and click on Manage team. Here you can invite new members by simply entering the first name, last name and e-mail address of the new member.

Note: You can add as many members as you like to your account for free.


Each team member can be assigned a specific role that defines their access to various functions and areas in the system.


Administrators have full access to the system. They can manage all users, including other administrators.


Developers have access to all the tools needed to develop and manage the technical aspects. They can access all campaigns.


Supporters have access to all campaigns, in particular they are responsible for managing compensation.


This role allows access to all invoice details. Employees with the Accounting role can change company data.

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