Update payment method

Add new payment methods to the dashboard and set them as default, or remove old payment methods after a new one has been added.

To access the global settings in your dashboard, click on the gear icon located at the bottom left of the sidebar next to your name. Then select the Billing tab to access the payment options.

Add a new payment method

Click on the Add payment method button. Choose between the SEPA direct debit and credit card options. After you have added a new payment method, the page will automatically reload. Please do not be alarmed, this is a normal process.

Optionally, you can now click on the green tick next to your new payment method to set it as your default payment method. If you have only entered one payment method, this will automatically be selected as the default.

Delete old payment method

Note: To remove a payment method, you must first add a new one. In addition, the payment method must not be set as the default.

To delete a payment method, simply click on the red delete icon next to the payment method. You can of course also keep your old payment method to use it as a backup.

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