Offset Emissions

We focus on technical projects and carbon removal for sustainable emissions reduction. Our customizable system enables fast purchase and return of offset certificates via our API.

How does CO2 offsetting work?

Carbon offsetting works by companies or individuals offsetting their greenhouse gas emissions through the purchase of carbon credits that benefit projects that reduce or sequester CO2. These projects can include reforestation, renewable energy or energy efficiency measures. The purchase of these certificates helps to finance these projects, which neutralizes or reduces the emissions emitted elsewhere in order to achieve a kind of ÔÇťclimate neutralityÔÇŁ.

Which projects do we use?

We focus specifically on technical projects and carbon removal, as these approaches enable a long-term, effective and measurable reduction in greenhouse gases. Carbon removal technologies, such as direct air capture or biochar technology, aim to remove CO2 directly from the atmosphere and store it permanently. These methods complement traditional climate protection measures by actively contributing to the reversal of CO2 accumulation in the atmosphere and thus helping to achieve global climate targets. By focusing on such technical solutions, we strive to make a sustainable and scientifically sound contribution to climate protection.

Would you like to use specific standards, project categories or even your own projects for offsetting? Our system is fully customizable. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


Note: In this section we only link to the API documentation for example purposes. Want to start without code? Check out our integrations & extensions.

Offer phase (optional)

On request, we can provide up to 3 different quotes for compensation. In our API documentation, we call this a pending order. In addition to the price and the emissions to be offset, these contain detailed information on the respective project.


Now you can either confirm the offer or buy an offset directly. We will then issue the certificate in real time and provide it both as a page and as a link to the PDF certificate in response. If desired, we can also send the certificate by e-mail to the e-mail address provided for the purchase.

Take a look at an example certificate

Refund compensation

Have you changed your mind, bought by mistake or has your customer canceled their order? No problem: you can return compensation up to 30 days after purchase via the dashboard and the API.

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