Calculate emissions

We use verified emission factors from authorities and NGOs, allow you to search for and add suitable factors to our database and support complex calculations with up to 100 different calculations per request.

How do we calculate emissions?

Our calculations are based on the GHG Protocol, which is the world's leading protocol for calculating emissions. This protocol tells us how to calculate emissions, but it does not include the emission factors that should be used to calculate emissions based on the activity data provided. To do this, we have built up a large database of emission factors from many different trusted sources over the last few years to enable us to calculate emissions for many different types of activity. These emission factors come mainly from governments, NGOs and scientific publications. These include the European Environment Agency, the German Federal Environmental Agency and the UK's DEFRA. Our own team regularly checks and updates the factors as new ones become available.


Search for matching emission factors

Start by searching our database for the right emission factors for your project.

Can't find a suitable emission factor? We are constantly adding new emission factors to our database on request. Schedule a meeting to discuss your requirements or use the option to submit your own emission factors.

Use factors for calculation

With the appropriate factors, you can now request our API to get your result. To do this, you can add several blocks of calculations to a request. We call these blocks Calculation Options. A calculation option always starts with the parameter type.

You can add up to 100 Calculation Options to a request, i.e. calculate up to 100 different emissions with one request.

Request parameters

To make the calculation of emissions as easy as possible, you can use a variety of currencies, country codes and units. We take care of the correct conversion internally and find the appropriate factor. You can find out more for each entry in the emissions database.

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