Find your billing model

Decide whether you want to only calculate emissions or also compensate for them, choose between direct billing or KlimAPI Checkout Links.


To find the right billing model for you, decide whether you want to only calculate emissions or also offset them.

Calculation Only

If you choose only to calculate, we will simply bill you for each calculation request. Check out the pricing for calculations here.

If you intend to conduct more than 250,000 calculations per month, contact us for customized pricing.

Direct Billing

You handle the compensation directly with your customers. This is the simplest way to use KlimAPI. We accumulate the compensation costs over the month and bill you by the end of the month at the latest. Learn more about this in Billing.

This method is best suited if:

  • Your customers already make payments to you.

  • You want to offer your customers the simplest experience possible.

Billing through Checkout Links

Here, you create Checkout Links for each of your customers. KlimAPI completely handles the billing and taxes.

This method is best suited if:

  • Your customers do not make payments to you.

  • You need or want to strictly separate the KlimAPI integration from the rest of your systems.

Plan the Development

Now, you can begin the integration. We have created a series of tutorials to make the integration process as easy as possible. If you feel confident, you can dive directly into our API documentation, or you can use our Wizard to quickly and easily find the tutorial that best suits your needs.

No credit card required - Create an account now

Create an account and start calculating and offsetting the CO2 emissions directly via our API. Do you still have questions or need a customized offer? Use the chat or make an appointment directly with our sales team.