Create checkout links for offsetting (no-code)

Create and customise checkout links: Currency selection, redirect URLs and specific price or CO2 options.

Create checkout links

Open the dashboard and navigate to the Checkout links section. Here you have the option to create new checkout links.



You can choose from over 100 different currencies in which the checkout link should be created. This flexibility allows you to customize the link to the preferences of your international customers.

Success & Cancel URLs

Define where the user should be redirected to after a successful or canceled payment. These URLs provide a seamless user experience by directing customers to relevant pages depending on the outcome of their transaction.

With kg CO2

Select this option to create the checkout link with a specific amount of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent). This is especially useful if you want to offer specific offsets.

With price

Select this option to create the checkout link with a fixed price. This option works well for products or services where the price is fixed in advance.

Checkout Link

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