Campaigns are the cornerstone of your integration. You can implement multiple projects within one account using campaigns. All relevant settings are made specific to each campaign.

Switch Campaigns

To switch between different campaigns in the dashboard, simply use the switch located at the top of the sidebar. This allows you to quickly and easily change between active campaigns.

Create a New Campaign

To create a new campaign, use the same switch and select New Campaign. Follow the instructions to configure the campaign.

Manage Campaigns

Within each campaign, all important elements such as API keys and checkout links are created and managed. These elements are specific to each campaign and cannot be transferred between campaigns.


Adjust Logos and Texts

For a personalized user experience, click on Customize in the sidebar of the dashboard. Here, you have the option to upload logos and adjust the texts on certificates. This is an essential part of our branding offering, allowing you to effectively present your brand. Learn more about Branding.

Optimize Customer Support

To provide your customers with the best possible support, you can set up specific email addresses. Customers can contact these addresses if they have any questions. You can find this setting by clicking on Settings in the sidebar.

Compensation Projects

You have the option to decide which compensation projects are offered via the API on a campaign level. Simply contact us via message, and we will set everything up according to your wishes. For a detailed overview of categories and certifications, also visit the Settings section in the dashboard.

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